Namco Bandai releases the next evolution in their virtual pet franchise called Tamagotchi Classic 2nd Gen

Namco Bandai has released the follow-up title to their Tamagotchi virtual pet game released back in October of last year. Appropriately named Tamagotchi Classic 2nd Gen, this new game features an all new line-up of characters to have as virtual pets. Along with all the new characters that you can possibly take care of, Tamagotchi Classic 2nd Gen features two different game modes to play like the original title had as well: TOY mode and APP mode.

TOY mode is where players can enjoy raising their Tamagotchi in a virtual classic toy shell. APP mode is the exact opposite of the TOY mode in that players are not raising their virtual pets in the classic look that was once seen in the toys. Instead your virtual pet appears in a colorful, full-screen environment for you to raise and take care of. APP mode also features special color Tamagotchis which are only available when playing in this mode.

The gameplay doesn’t stray too far from the original games. You’ll be raising and taking care of your virtual pets, earning stars along the way and unlocking items to enhance your gallery and environment. Wallpapers and shells that are unlocked in the Gallery can be used to customize the game. There is also a new memory match mini-game which can be played in order to keep the Tamagotchi happy and satisfied.

Tamagotchi Classic 2nd Gen is supposed to be available on Google Play and cost you $3.99 in order to snag a copy and start raising new virtual pets. As of right now though it is not appearing on Google Play so we will post an update when it goes live.

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