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Namco Bandai releases the next evolution in their virtual pet franchise called Tamagotchi Classic 2nd Gen

Namco Bandai has released the follow-up title to their Tamagotchi virtual pet game released back in October of last year. Appropriately named Tamagotchi Classic 2nd Gen, this new game features an all new line-up of characters to have as virtual pets. Along with all the new characters that you can possibly take care of, Tamagotchi Classic 2nd Gen features two different game modes to play like the original title had as well: TOY mode and APP mode.


PSA: Namco Bandai will be changing their name to Bandai Namco… seriously

It’s not unusual for companies to re-brand themselves with a different but similar name to their old one. A prime example of this would be Spacetime Studios’ recent re-branding to Spacetime Games. Not a major change but different enough to make a difference. Namco Bandai is moving to do something similar with their name but it won’t be a whole lot different, just more confusing at first until everyone gets used to the change.


Tekken Card Tournament drops beta tags and launches onto Android

/we have been talking about Tekken Card Tournament on and off for the past couple of month with the game being in beta for the duration of that time. Well Namco Bandai has finally dropped the beta tags and officially released the game onto mobile devices. For those of you unfamiliar with this game, this is a cross-platform card combat game between Android, iOS and PC platforms based around the Tekken universe.