Day: 4 September 2015


Control time in the new interactive fiction Wise Use of Time

Written by Jim Dattilo (author of Zombie Exodus) and published by Choice of Games, A Wise Use of Time is an interactive fiction that’s now available for Android. In this story, players assume the role of a an insurance executive where you awaken one morning to the realization that you have the ability to freeze time for everyone (and everything) else, while retaining the ability to conduct “business as usual” for yourself.


Crescent Moon Games’ Glow Monsters is Arcade Puzzling Fun

Crescent Moon Games is gaining quite a bit of attention lately for their recently released game The Deer God, that came out this week. However, the week before, they released a puzzle game that is reminiscent of Pac-Man, but is more complex, and still plenty of fun to play. The reviews thus far on Android/iOS have been very good. If you haven’t played Glow Monsters, it is available to download now in the Google Play Store.