Day: December 4, 2013


Chillingo releases Dead Ahead – An endless zombie filled game with plenty of blood

Chillingo has released their newest titles onto Android called Dead Ahead. This particular game is an endless ‘driving’ zombie-filled game where you’ll be doing your best not to be caught by some rather fast zombies. While the goal is to not get caught, you can trick these zombies into dieing in various creative ways such as leading them to smack into the back of a car.


Gun Commando and Mononoke Slashdown free this week on Playstation Mobile

Sony is continuing with their big promotion that they have going on for the next few weeks where every week two games on Playstation Mobile will be available for free. Last week it happened to be the cool minimalistic RTS game Rymdkapsel and the arcade game Passing Time. This week anyone with a Playstation Certified device will be able to pick up Gun Commando and Mononoke Slashdown off of the Playstation Mobile Store for free.


Amazon’s Kindle Fire apparently most popular Android tablet for gaming

A survey that was just conducted has come up with some interesting results which point to Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet as being the most popular tablet to play Android games on. While it wasn’t the biggest survey on the planet with only 1,117 people taking it, the results are still pretty interesting considering the Kindle Fire came out on top as the most used for mobile gaming on tablets.