[Update] NDS4Droid ( Nintendo DS Emulator ) now available in early beta stage

As is expected this is a very early build but the developer did want to release this onto the Market and get some feedback. They are claiming that even in this early build the game runs quite a bit of games at decent speeds. From what we have researched so far, you’ll need a pretty decent/new Android device to run it though.

Due to how early in the morning we stumbled upon this we have not purchased or tested this emulator out to be able to know what games work which do not but this is another huge step in Android gaming if this developer can continue to upgrade and update this often. It comes with a hefty price tag at around $9.09 which would make it the most expensive emulator on the Market.

Here is the product description straight from the Android Market;

nds4droid is the first Nintendo DS emulator for high-end Android phones (1ghz+ recommended).


REQUIRES A HIGH END ANDROID DEVICE (such as Nexus S, Galaxy S). If the framerate is slow, it’s because your phone is not fast enough. This is a very heavy emulator!

Current features:

  • On-screen interface
  • ROM loading
  • Save states
  • APP to SD

How to play?

Copy your NDS roms to your SD card and boot up the application. It’ll automatically find them. Select your rom and start playing! Make sure the roms are .nds format.

Press the top left button to hide interface elements and use the touch screen.

DUE TO PERFORMANCE REASONS SOUND IS CURRENTLY DISABLED (would crack). Sound will be enabled for certain devices in the near future.

This emulator is far from perfect and will be getting a lot of updates over the next couple of weeks/months. Please know this when you purchase. 🙂

Please send any feedback/comments to [email protected] – I appreciate it!


If you already have this emulator and have tested some games out and they work (for the most part) let us know as we will compile a list to help everyone out. Now the real question is, how long with this last on the Android Market. Also note, a lot of people are having issues even getting this to work on their Android devices right now according to market comments so be ready to refund. Remember, this is early beta so if it doesn’t work on your Android device, don’t get all angry about it.

Update April 4th 10:09am: So far every game we have tested for this only ends up being a white screen. We highly suggest waiting till this is much more polished and finalized before considering purchasing this due to the 15minute refund window.

Android Market Link: NDS4Droid

Site Referenced: AndroidForums

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