Neat little 3D platformer called Robo Revenge now available

There is a great little 3D platformer on the Android Market which was released recently called Robo Revenge. Developed by Beka, this game has you playing a floating robot who is out for revenge against the evil robots who are trying to invade the planet.

This is another one of those titles that are just fun to play. Your character looks a lot like the Eve robot from the movie Wall-E. Navigating through all 15 levels, you will be dodging obstacles, blasting enemies robots and hopefully saving your planet.

Robo Revenge Features:

* 4 tutorial and 15 levels
* 3 unique and upgradeable weapons (flame thrower, laser, rocket launcher)
* More than 10 type of enemies (bomberman, cannon, bouncing balls, ball drop,etc)
* More levels, enemies, and weapons are coming soon

In Robo Revenge’s current form, it is a pretty quick game with only 15 levels. The levels do get progressively harder but thankfully you can upgrade your weapon along the way. The developer does mention that more levels are on the way along with more enemies and weapons.

So if you are up for a little 3D platformer action this weekend, you might want to check this little game out. You can nab it off the Android Market for the low price of free.

Developer Website: N/A

Android Market Link: Robo Revenge

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