Need for Feed is a challenging new Flappy Birds style of game for Android

Need for Feed is a new game from developers Tappz Tappz that features a swipe-based gameplay with a sort of platformer-esque style of level design. Combining all of that into one title, and then adding the challenge that Flappy Birds had and you have this game as the result.

Players will swipe in the direction they want their bird to fly, collecting all the needed goodies along the way. The goal is to reach the end of each level safely. There are, of course, plenty of hazards along the way and the developers assure you that you will die a lot. There are three different types of environments to choose from, whether it be ice-filled or lava-filled, and a normal jungle-like one.

Need for Feed Features:

• Feed the bird in order to stay alive
• Reach the highest score in this endless game
• Filling the hunger bar will enter you in frenzy mode
• 3 game worlds to explore

Players will also need to take into account your birds health bar as well, making sure to keep him fed. If you don’t, he will starve. The further you progress, the harder food is to find as well. So there is a balancing act you need to do on top of avoiding hazards.

Need for Feed is available off of Google Play for free and contains no IAPs either.

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