NeonPlay teases upcoming Android game Brave Force: Last Stand with new trailer

NeonPlay, developers of the Paper Glider series of games on Android, have released a teaser trailer for an upcoming game called Bravo Force: Last Stand. While most of their games revolve around flying, action and 3D graphics, this new game looks like something completely different.

The problem is we have no idea what the game is. We do know it is definitely a war game which is made pretty apparent by the teaser trailer but we have no real idea if it will be an FPS game, third-person shooter or some other type of war game. We do know it has some pretty sweet looking visuals, at least in the trailer’s cinematics. For all we know this could be a strategy game with great cut scenes.

So what is our guess as to what this game is? Well we did a little snooping around their YouTube channel and in the keywords it gave us some clues to what this game might be. So our guess is that this will be a 3D FPS war game similar to Call of Duty and other games of this nature. As for how deeply this game goes into the FPS genre with features like multiplayer, we don’t know. When we do get more information, we will be sure to update everyone.

Developer Website: NeonPlay

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