Netmarble Launches High End MMORPG Blade&Soul: Revolution in Asia

South Korean developer Netmarble has just launched Blade&Soul: Revolution, a big budget MMORPG, in a few territories in Asia. 

Pitched as a “community MMORPG”, the game boasts huge battles involving 500 players at a time – which is not the image that springs to mind when somebody says, “community,” but it sounds fun all the same. 

In terms of the combat, Blade&Soul: Revolution has the look of a fighting game, and the Google Play description promises class-specific combos, joint attacks with your teammates, and so on. 

The story, meanwhile, sees Cerulean and Crimson (which is how interior decorators describe blue and red) going head to head in an epic war.

If you happen to live in one of the select Asian territories where Blade&Soul: Revolution is available you can download it for free right now. Otherwise you’ll have to wait. 

Source: Pocket Gamer

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