The Latest Magic: ManaStrike Update Adds the Ikoria II Magic Pass, Hybrid Multicolor Cards, and More

Magic: ManaStrike, Netmarble’s contribution to Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: The Gathering franchise, has just been updated with a new Magic Pass. 

The latest season, Ikoria II, includes a Magic Pass-exclusive skin for Tezzeret, inspired by Tezzeret the Schemer in Magic: The Gathering. There’s also a level boost voucher, a skin selector, an emoji, and a player icon. 

Also included in the latest update is a new card type. Hybrid multicolored cards can be used for color deck matching with one of Magic’s colors. The three multicolor cards are blue/black (Oona), red/green (Regisaur Alpha), and white/green (Good Fortune Unicorn).

There’s a color strategy tutorial as well, to help you get your head around the new system. Magic: ManaStrike is available for free right now on Google Play.

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