New arcade platformer Super Rocket Pets from Mode Games flies onto mobile devices today

Indie development studio called Mode Games, in conjunction with Massive Monster, have released their newest title onto mobile today called Super Rocket Pets. This particular game is an arcade platformer where players will choose which pet they want to control, coming equipped with a rocket pack to start, before setting off to save the galaxy.

Super Rocket Pets has players exploring a variety of planets in their galaxy, needing to dodge various hazards such as spiked walls and rogue rockets. Along the way you’ll be collecting coins which you can then use to buy upgrades to your weaponry, gear, and additional pets you can unlock and add to your team. New outfits and masks will also unlock when you reach different checkpoints throughout the game itself.

Super Rocket Pets Features:

– Simple, fun and addictive gameplay.
– 4 colorful and unique planets to explore.
– 20 endless levels to play – how far can you get?
– Build a team of 6 insanely cute pets!
– Collect coins and then upgrade your team and cannon in the shop.
– Unlock fun hats and masks to customize your pets!
– Share recordings of your playthroughs via Everyplay.

Even though there are levels (aka Planets) in this game, each one is actually endless. Each one is also different from the other. As for the costumes and masks to customize your characters with, there is a lot of those. In order to unlock different planets, you’ll need to find the Paw Tokens. In order to do that, you’ll need to survive as long as possible on the planets you do have access to.

Super Rocket Pets is available for download off of Google Play for free and contains optional IAPs for either additional coins, or to remove the ads that occasionally show up. You can check out the game’s trailer below.

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