New beta released for indie fighting game Samurai Gachin

There is a neat looking fighter game, and by fighter game we mean head-to-head combat like in Street Fighter, that is being developed by Oora! Games called Samurai Gachin. It comes in a black, grey and white color scheme which gives it a pretty cool dark artsy look to it.

Samurai Gachin has been in development for awhile now and the developers have just released a new version of the beta for public testing. In other words you can head over to Oora! Games’ website and download the beta and try it out for yourself. Of course with any beta comes the fact that there could, and probably will, be bugs in the game so if you do find any, make sure to pass it along to the developers.


For those of you interested, it does look like there will be some sort of multiplayer available at some point where you can play against friends as well which is a great idea for this type of game and should bring it a lot of replay value.

The demo itself contains 18 rounds divided up between six opponents that get progressively more difficult. Also included in the demo is the BentoBox mini-game, local leaderboard, character animations, and original soundtrack so it’s a fairly complete beta. The full version when it gets released will have more opponents and round and probably more mini-games. If you are interested in test Samurai Gachin out, just head over to Oora! Games’ website and grab it!

Developer Website: Oora! Games

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