New bullet hell shooter from int13 coming to Android soon

For those of you who have the agility and reflexes of a ninja when it comes to top-down flying shooters, you will be pleased to know that there will be a new bullet hell shoot-em-up game coming to Android soon called Shogun and will be available for everyone.

Bullet hell shooters are far and few between on the Android Market for a lot of locations. This is mainly due to the fact that most of them have yet to be translated into English. Bullet Hell style shooters are quite popular in Asian countries but a lot of the developers tend to not localize their games for the rest of the world. Developers int13, however, are bringing a new bullet hell game to Android for everyone.

There isn’t a whole lot of information about Shogun right now, at least for the Android version. The iOS edition comes with:

– Classic bullet-hell shooting action
– Pixel perfect retro design atop hi-res 3D backgrounds
– HD Graphics
– Superb Electro-rock soundtrack by French band Yubaba Smith & Fortune
– Witty bosses with humorous lines
– Bullet-time weapon menu
– Worldwide, cross-platform leaderboard

Judging from how the official Shogun page sounds, we can expect the Android version to be pretty much identical to the iOS one. It does come with a global leaderboard so you will be fighting it out with other people, both on Android and iOS, for top spots on said leaderboard.

No word just yet on when Shogun will be available on the Android Market (although the video description says this month) but it looks pretty good in the preview trailer which you can watch below. If it follows the iOS pricing, Shogun will be free to download with one free mission while other missions will be available as in-game purchases.

Developer Website: Shogun | int13

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