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Nekki delivers Bullet Hell SHUMP action in Space Warrior, now available in the Play Store

We know Nekki as a game company that delivers great action-based gameplay with the Shadow Fight and Vector series. Recently, they have also been focused on helping indie game development companies bring their mobile games to light as well. One such game is Space Warrior: The Origin. It is a Bullet Hell SHUMP in a sci-fi setting that is visually engaging, and provides what most SHUMP fans enjoy, plenty of action, wave after wave of enemies, and enough explosions to light up a darkened sky.

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Cave is currently developing a new bullet hell shooter for Android called Don Paccin

Cave is a well-known company that develops bullet hell shooter style games for multiple platforms. These games give both seasoned veterans of the genre as well as newcomers plenty of challenge when playing any of their current titles. The company has a new game in the works according to Siliconera called Don Paccin and even though this game is riddled with cute looking enemies and other visuals, you can expect this game to be just as hard as any of their other current titles.

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Android Game Sale Round-Up: Infinite Universe, Suspect In Sight, DoDonPachi Resurrection and more

It’s about that time once again where we round-up all the Android games on sale right now over on Google Play so you can easily take advantage of some good deals when picking up a new game or two. Right now Cave’s sale on their Bullet Hell shooters is still going on although that will be ending soon. However there are some other good game to pick up right now as well.

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Bullet Hell game fans rejoice, Cave’s DeathSmiles has arrived for Android

Cave is a company that makes some of the great and most challenging Bullet Hell style shooters that you would want to play. They already have a couple of them published onto Google Play through G-Gee and now there is one more you can sink your teeth into while you wait for Sine Mora to arrive onto Android called DeathSmiles. It somehow managed to sneak by us having arrived on July 17th, 2013.