New game from Nordisk called Seal Force coming to Android December 15th.

Nordisk Film Games Publishing, or just Nordisk for short, are gearing up to release a new game on Android (and iOS) called Seal Force. If the developer name sounds familiar that’s because it should, they are the ones that brought The Marbians to Android as well. Seal Force looks like a pretty fun game itself though.

Nordisk describes Seal Force as a cross between a few different games and their mechanics, “combining the auto-running format of games like Jetpack Joyride with the line-drawing mechanic of Flight Control and the combo frenzy of Peggle.”

Seal Force Features:

  • Enjoy a unique spin on the in-game drawing mechanic in Seal Force, an addictive mix of line-drawing and auto-running genres.
  • Control three experienced seal commandoes – Fonzie, Sarge and Milo – to clean the oceans of krill that have been afflicted by deadly and colorful toxins, before innocent animals consume them!
  • Get ready for the chase of your life! Complete missions and fight through waves of colorfully diabolic enemy krill before hunting down the evil villain Krillian.
  • Combo frenzy – Use Seal Force’s line-drawing controls to perform crazy combos – taking out multiple krill at a time and racking up shells.
  • Upgrade seals to complete missions – Use your hard-earned shells at the Seal HQ to upgrade your seals with special weapons, suits and gadgets.
  • Buy additional shells as in-app purchase to get cool items faster.



Your mission, should you choose to accept it which, if you have the game installed on your device then you’ve already accepted it, is to clean the ocean of toxic neon krill which is poisoning the ocean and, of course, hunt down the mastermind behind it all going by the name of Krillian. You’ll be in command of three elite operatives who happen to actually be seals. The graphical style is pretty interesting as well with a much more cartoon feel to it.

Judging by the description of being able to buy additional shells through in-app purchases, it looks like Seal Force will be a free game to download and a true freemium game where you don’t need to buy extra shells but the option is there if you want to. Seal Force will be landing on the Android Market December 15th. You can check out a preview/making of the game in the video below.

Developer Website: Nordisk

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