New location-based live action spy game, Dead Drop, coming to Android soon

Fans of location-based games have another title to try out coming your way soon. Dead Drop is a location-based spy game developed by two brothers that will actually be bringing something a little new to the table when it comes to location-based games.

What is new about this game is that it actually brings two different gameplay modes with it which really doesn’t happen in location-based games. Usually they are just straight up multiplayer games. Dead Drop on the other hand doesn’t just come with a multiplayer mode, called Multiplayer Classic, it also comes with a single-player game mode, called Campaign Training mode. The multiplayer mode will be regulated by the game itself and will set everything up for you.

Dead Drop will also come with a neat prospect for local businesses in that they can participate as a Safe House where people can go to in order to be safe. Opponents will still be able to see where you are but you won’t be eliminated or attacked. Dead Drop coordinates individual and group games of any size, in which players receive live-action missions to complete in their communities. Smartphones with built-in GPS receivers allow the app to moderate games, enforce rules, and verify eliminations in real-time.

This game is set to be released within the next 30 days according to the press release and after the release the brothers will be working on adding new features including more weapons, disguises, skins, mini-games, multiplayer modes, and augmented reality features.

Official Website: Dead Drop

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