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Tribal Wars MMORTS mobile version gets updated, now open for everyone

InnoGames has updated the mobile browser version of their MMORTS game Tribal Wars and coming along with the revamping of the mobile version of the game comes the opening of it to everyone instead of just premium members. This isn’t the Android app version we are talking about here but the browser version which allows you to play the game through your Android device’s browser. Similar to the actual app that is also available.


Lands of Hope MMORPG now playable on Android

As I mentioned in the World of Dragons article about browser-based MMORPGs jumping into the mobile arena as one of the next trends, today an announcement was made that indeed another has made it’s way to mobile. While not the graphically pretty kind it is a great old school RPG game, called Lands of Hope, which you can now play via your Android browser.


‘itsmy’ expands its mobile gaming engine

itsmy is a mobile social game developer and gaming network featuring 80+ games people can play via your mobile browser however it was just announced that itsmy has expanded their mobile gaming engine to include every mobile device with internet access which of course includes our beloved Android OS!