Tribal Wars MMORTS mobile version gets updated, now open for everyone

InnoGames has updated the mobile browser version of their MMORTS game Tribal Wars and coming along with the revamping of the mobile version of the game comes the opening of it to everyone instead of just premium members. This isn’t the Android app version we are talking about here but the browser version which allows you to play the game through your Android device’s browser. Similar to the actual app that is also available.

The mobile browser version of Tribal Wars has had it’s user interface completely overhauled to better suit playing the game through a mobile browser. There are less menus items to deal with and more mobile-friendly graphics to enjoy. There is also a new full-screen mode you can switch into even though you are playing through your mobile browser. These improvements also mean better performance in the long run.

Lastly, up until now, only premium members could log-in and play Tribal Wars through a mobile browser as it was basically a ‘closed beta’ but now anyone who plays the game now has access to this new mobile interface to play Tribal Wars. The native Android application for Tribal Wars is also being worked on but an update for that will be coming in the near future.

Official Website: Tribal Wars

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