Day: 24 September 2012


Josh Slauson’s Asteroid Dasher is a small but fun retro game that brings old school back

Sometimes, among those huge top-chart games we’re starting to get used to every week, there’s a couple of small games that are totally worth trying and getting a look at, either because they’re fun to play or because they keep the hope for indie development alive. Asteroid Dasher brings both reasons to a good extent and brings some classic old school style gaming with it.


Monday Lunchtime Humor: Final Fantasy Dimensions keeps the Final Fantasy tradition of dirty magazines alive

While we all wait for Square Enix to slowly, ever so slowly, bring Final Fantasy Dimensions to Android, since it’s already out on iOS, there isĀ  tradition that most Final Fantasy fans have long held close to their hearts. That is the tradition of finding porn magazines in-game as hidden Easter Eggs. It looks as though Final Fantasy Dimensions keeps this tradition live as well.


Tribal Wars MMORTS mobile version gets updated, now open for everyone

InnoGames has updated the mobile browser version of their MMORTS game Tribal Wars and coming along with the revamping of the mobile version of the game comes the opening of it to everyone instead of just premium members. This isn’t the Android app version we are talking about here but the browser version which allows you to play the game through your Android device’s browser. Similar to the actual app that is also available.


Broken Sword 5 fully funded, Beneath a Steel Sky 2 also announced for Android

We’ve been following the progress of the next Broken Sword installment that has been up on Kickstarter for the last little while, getting funded to the tune of over $800,000 (if you include PayPal donations). One of the goals, if Revolution Software hit $1 million in funding, was to bring a sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky to iOS and Android. Well apparently $800,000 is enough for them to go ahead and bring Beneath a Steel Sky 2 to both Android and iOS anyways.