New Pac-Man game will be chomping its way on to Google Play soon

Soon to be released by Namco Bandi and Victory Square Games, “Pac-Man Bounce” is their latest edition to the Pac-Man franchise.  This time around they’re releasing a collection of puzzles, and they’ll debut it for Android with a a global release on Google Play to occur later this year.

The story for the game is intended to be light-hearted, according to the developers, and will revolve around Pac-Man eating his way through Snack Land, and trying to find his way home. As you will see by watching the trailer below, the gameplay is premised on players creating a path for Pac-Man to navigate the level in such a way as to eat up the stars and key(s), while avoiding ghosts. Consuming power pellets still makes the ghosts consumable, as one might expect.

Pac-Man Bounce Features:

– MIND-BOGGLING LEVELS: Bounce across more than 100 unique levels.
– DELICIOUS WORLDS: Spring your way through 10 flavorful worlds made of tasty snacks.
– ENEMIES TO CHEW ON: Dodge dangerous obstacles and enemies including the infamous ghost gang: Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde.
– FRIENDS TO OUTSMART: Compete against your Facebook friends.

Right now there is no specific release date for the Android version of Pac-Man Bounce, only that it will be ‘coming soon’.

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