New puzzle game Slice IN gets officially launched onto Android today

Bica Studios has officially launched their newest game onto Android called Slice IN. Having been launched for the past month is a sort of location-specific open beta, today marks the game’s actual release. This game is all about solving each stage as fast as you can without any errors.

Players will be presented with a specific shape, which is basically a pizza, in each stage but with parts of it missing. Your goal is to use the parts provided to you to fill in the gaps in the shape as fast as you can, with as much accuracy as possible. While the beginning stages are pretty easy, as you progress through the game you will have more ‘slices’ to put back into the pizza, which also end up being thinner as well, making it more difficult to get all the slices back in and fitting perfectly as fast as you can.

Slice IN Rules:

– Fit the slices with the perfect timing
– The spaces become more strait
– Challenge your friends
– The result reveals your inner animal
– There’s 100 animals to discover and all of them have incredible descriptions to reveal

Not only will you have more, thinner, pieces to put back into the ‘pizza’, this pizza will also be rotating. So as you get further into the game, the speed in which it rotates will also increase. Needless to say, this can be quite challenging and cause some frustration as well, in a good way of course. Depending on the score you get, you will learn what your inner animal happens to be.

For those of you interested in this game, Slice IN is available off of Google Play for free and does come with optional IAPs as well. Since this has just been globally released, if you go to the game’s listing on Google Play, you may see that your devices aren’t compatible. If this happens, just give it a few minutes, since the game is still propagating throughout the marketplace.

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