New Real-time strategy game lands on Android called Planet Wars

Don’t let the cute header image fool you, Planet Wars is a pretty solid real-time strategy game that has just arrived on Android from developers IMakeGames. Set in a space theme, the point of the game is to expands your nation, conquer new planets and defeat your enemies who get in your way.

Similar to games like Planetary Wars, Planet War has you starting off with a planet or two and from there it is straight up space combat against all the planets around you. You’ll have to be quick on the draw when you see an opening on a weak planet in order to take it over without leaving yourself vulnerable at the same time.


One thing about this game though is that unlike most game similar to this one, the graphics are much better and bring a lot more of a visual appeal where as a lot of other games like this tend to have scaled down graphics. Planet Wars has some rather beautiful eye candy to enjoy whole trying not to get your ass kicked while playing it. One other interesting feature is the ability to add defense to your current planets you own which actually appear on the planet’s surface.

Planet Wars comes in two flavors, one free Lite version for you to try out and a full version which will set you back a measly $1.40. The developers also has future plans for the game so you can expect some updates coming in the near future. If the developers bring multiplayer to this title at some point, this game would be golden.

Developer Website: IMakeGames

Android Market Link: Planet Wars

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