New series of videos introduces you to the new birds in Angry Birds Space

Continuing on with building the hype for their new Angry Birds Space game, coming in a few days to Android on March 22nd, Rovio has released a series of videos introducing you to all the new birds that will be in Angry Birds Space. While most are tweaked version of the current birds, there is a new member of the family, Ice Bird.

Red Bird

Red Bird is the leader of all the Angry Birds and although he is pretty much the same as the other Angry Birds games, he is sporting a new mask to make him look a little more snazzy.

Lazer Bird

Lazer Bird is basically the Yellow Bird from the other Angry Birds games. The difference with this one though is that he looks a bit more futuristic / X-Men style. His power is the same as the Yellow Bird as well.

The Blues

The blue bird that splits into three smaller birds is also in Angry Birds Space. The abilities are the same as well except they now look like The Flash hatched a few small blue birds wearing his costume.

Ice Bird

Ice Bird is actually a completely new bird which will be debuting in Angry Birds Space. Looking like a large angry ice cube with a beak, Ice Bird freezes objects on contact. This brings a new dynamic to the game as you can strategically use the Ice Bird to freeze the defenses of the pigs before easily smashing them with other birds, like The Blues.

Bomb Bird

Pretty much the same as the black exploding bird in previous Angry Birds titles. In fact he is completely the same in his abilities and is only different in the costume he is wearing, pretending to be Saturn.

The Incredible Terence

While sporting a name that doesn’t fit the standard profile of Angry Birds, Terence is the big bird with a lot of weight and momentum behind him. Great for doing as much damage as possible to the structures in Angry Birds.

There you have it. The current family of Angry Birds that will be yours for the flinging in Angry Birds Space in a few days.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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