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New updates for three Angry Birds game now available. Angry Birds Star Wars II gets a new gameplay trailer.

Over the past few days Rovio has been busy pumping out the updates for almost all of their Angry Birds games. The company has released an update for Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars which brings new levels to all three games. Not bad considering Rovio is currently working on the rather large sequel to Angry Birds Stars Wars right now.

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Slash makes new theme song for Angry Bird Space with new update

We are sure you remember our story the other day about legendary guitarist Slash of Guns N’ Roses fame who also happens to be a huge Angry Birds fan was possibly getting a bird fashioned after him. Well that is sort of what happened. Actually Slash made a new theme song for Angry Birds Space after Rovio found out that the guitarist is a big fan of the franchise and asked him to get involved.

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Is Rovio bringing legendary guitarist Slash into Angry Birds Space?

Interesting news coming out of Rovio today in the form of a video which features the legendary guitarist Slash of Guns ‘N Roses fame. The release of this video is somewhat random but then again that isn’t surprising since it is coming from Rovio. The information contained within the video however points to something new heading to Angry Birds Space and it looks like it involve Slash.

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Tuesday Afternoon Humor: Iran Video Game Foundation goes after Angry Birds over cyber warfare claims

Regardless of what country this would have come from, the fact that you can accuse a video game, and the company, with cyber warfare is an amusing concept but that is exactly what is happening with Rovio over two levels in the recent “Fry Me to the Moon” update for Angry Birds Space by the Iran Computer & Video Game Foundation. The charge? The two levels in Angry Birds Space are anti-Iranian levels in theme.