Day: 4 March 2013


Infinite Dreams and Sculpteo team up to make your Let’s Create! Pottery a real thing

By now most people have heard about 3D printing in one way or another, even if it is just in passing. Well Infinite Dreams has teamed up with Sculpteo, the French online 3D printing service, to offer players of Let’s Create! Pottery the ability to turn their created pottery from just a digital piece of art into the real thing. This is all done by using Sculpteo’s 3D printing service.


Heroes of Steel RPG and Delver’s Drop both successfully funded

Two games we have previously reported on that had gone to Kickstarter have successfully been funded. Heroes of Steel RPG by the Trese Brothers and Delver’s Drop by Pixelscopic have both reached their funding goals and both games will be developed and arrive on Android when they are done. Delver’s Drop will also be heading to the Android-powered console OUYA as well when it is released.


Android Game sales – Star Armada RTS, Pro Zombie Soccer and more

It is a new week and therefor there are some new sales going on right now on Google Play. As of right now there are six games on sale, all of which are actually pretty good games that some of you might want to check out. There is a little something for everyone in the current selection of games on sale on Google Play so check out the list below and you might find something you want to pick up.


Multiplayer Tower Defense and Offense game City Conquest now available for Android

We talked about 11 Bit Studios announcing their Anomaly 2 game last week which will hopefully be arriving for Android at some point. The main feature we were really interested in with Anomaly 2 was the addition of multiplayer, where one player controls the offensive units while the other player would be in charge of the defensive towers. Well it looks like Android gamers can get a head start on learning strategies for this type of multiplayer gaming with a new title from IEDS called City Conquest.