Multiplayer Tower Defense and Offense game City Conquest now available for Android

We talked about 11 Bit Studios announcing their Anomaly 2 game last week which will hopefully be arriving for Android at some point. The main feature we were really interested in with Anomaly 2 was the addition of multiplayer, where one player controls the offensive units while the other player would be in charge of the defensive towers. Well it looks like Android gamers can get a head start on learning strategies for this type of multiplayer gaming with a new title from IEDS called City Conquest.

Developed by Intelligence Engine Design Systems, or IEDS for short, City Conquest is a tower defense and tower offense game rolled into one title. While the game does come with a full single-player campaign but you are not locked into playing only defensive or offensive units. Players will have missions to complete where in one mission you could be in charge of towers just like in a traditional tower defense game, while another mission will have players taking on the offensive role. Some missions will even have players doing both.

City Conquest Features:

• 20 action-packed single-player missions!
• 100 achievements!
• Completely free with NO in-app purchases!
• 9 offensive unit types, all with 4 upgrade levels!
• 9 defensive tower types (most offering 2-3 upgrade levels)!
• 5 internet multiplayer maps!
• 20 upgradeable building types!
• 4 “Mothership effects” that act as “spells” to affect units or buildings in a limited area!
• Unique territory expansion & control mechanic!
• Resource collection mechanics!
• 4 hotseat multiplayer maps!
• Ability to “swap” dropship pads!
• Complete in-game help system!
• Full-featured in-game achievement browser with per-category filtering and achievement completion status indicator!

While the single-player campaign is enticing enough as it is, the multiplayer game mode is where the real meat of the game is, especially if you finish the single-player campaign. City Conquest comes with four different maps that people can join in hotseat multiplayer gameplay and an additional five maps for multiplayer games you set up yourself. Regardless as to whether or not you’re playing a multiplayer or single-player game, there is a nice variety of units at your disposal, upgrades available throughout the game and even territorial expansion and control mechanics to take into consideration.

City Conquest is a big playground for fans of strategy games regardless if you prefer RTS (real-time strategy) games over Tower Defense titles or prefer the Tower Offense style of gaming, this title has it all and then some. For anyone wanting to dive head first into this game, you can pick up a copy o City Conquest for free and there are no IAPs at all as well. The only requirement to play this game is that your device is running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Multiplayer requires internet access via WiFi.

Google Play Link: City Conquest

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