Bionfly – A classic retro style platformer with a dapper little robot

There can never be enough good retro-style platformers for Android and developer TheOmenBit has released a new one for platformer fans to check out called Bionfly. This little classic platformer has players take control of a dapper little robot who is out to collect Onyxs stones.

These Onyxs stones have been scattered throughout the Phobos Planet and you’ll need to collect all of them as fast as you possibly can. With your nicely tailored mustache and glasses, you’ll jump and float your way through each level, avoiding hazards and hopefully finding the stones you’re looking for.

Bionfly Features:

– Graphics based in pixel-art … this is retro!
– Lo-fi soundtrack for Hi-Tech people. Chiptune Sound!
– Levels locked with conditions.
– 20 levels available.
– Permanent updates with new levels!

Solid pixel art and a complete chiptunes soundtrack (which is really catchy in this game) round everything off nicely in Bionfly. For those of you looking for a new retro platformer to sink your time into, Bionfly will cost you nothing to download and check out. It’s completely free, no IAPs, and is ad-supported with ads appearing at the bottom of the screen but not during gameplay. Right now there are 20 levels available but the developer has told us that plenty more are on the way.

Google Play Link: Bionfly

Forum Discussion: Bionfly Thread

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