Android Game sales – Star Armada RTS, Pro Zombie Soccer and more

It is a new week and therefor there are some new sales going on right now on Google Play. As of right now there are six games on sale, all of which are actually pretty good games that some of you might want to check out. There is a little something for everyone in the current selection of games on sale on Google Play so check out the list below and you might find something you want to pick up.

These are the games on sale right now but keep in mind that the discount for any of these games could end at any time. This also means more games could go on sale at any given minute. We will keep posting these sale round-up articles once or twice a week to keep everyone up-to-ate on current deals going on right now.

War Pinball HD by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios: On sale for $1.99

101 Crane Missions by apsoup: On sale for $0.99

iFishing by Rocking Pocket Games: On sale for $0.99

Doodle Farm by joyBits: On sale for $0.99

Pro Zombie Soccer by Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team: On sale for $0.99

Star Armada RTS by Dancing Cat Studios: On Sale for $0.99

Most of these games do have free demo versions you can download to check out should you want to see if the game is to your liking before buying it even if they are on sale. You can also keep track of sales going on for both apps and games on Google Play using the App Sales application.

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