Day: 21 January 2015


World of Tanks Blitz updated with a new line of British Tanks has pushed out a new update for their World of Tankz Blitz game that features a whole new line of British Tanks that have been added to the game. This will show up as a new branch within the British Tank tree and features new heavy tanks for you to eventually unlock and play with. This update is considered the first major release for World of Tank Blitz since the initial launch of the game.


[Update: On Sale] Dinofarm Games has finally finished their turn-based strategy game called Auro

Most developers of mobile games spend a decent amount of time building and testing their game before pushing it to Google Play. When we say decent amount of time, we mean 6 months, a year, maybe even 2 years. However it doesn’t happen often when we ear about a game being developed for a longer period of time then 2 years but today we get to report on Auro, a game which has taken four years to develop, test, and land on Google Play.