Attack of the Clones Part 2: The Halo Series, Warioware, Punch-Out and more!

As promised we’ve returned with another list from the shamelessly tacky to the tackily shameless. This is the second collection of all the console imitators available for the Android. While some are amazing stand out games on their own, it’s impossible to ignore their source material.

So without further ado, here is Part 2 of our Attack of the Clones series: 


Halo Series
Clone: N.O.V.A. 3
Cost: $6.99

You might consider the price on this title to be a bit steep. It’s expensive, but if you’re desperate to take on the Flood while doing the same thing to a toilet, this is the closest you’ll get. It bolsters a pretty good online community, so prepare for some intense fragging. The storyline certainly isn’t going to give Orwell a run for his money, but it works. The streets of San Francisco look nicely destroyed, and the controls are half decent for a mobile FPS. Best of all this game has the low gravity jump that gamers have come to expect from the Halo and Destiny series. 


4) Warioware Series
    Clone: Dumb Ways To Die 1 & 2
    Cost: Free

After pioneering Kart racing and perfecting platforming, Nintendo went on to create the micro game series. Warioware is as weird as it is addictive, containing fast paced mini games fired at a machine gun rate. Dumb Ways To Die certainly emulates the frantic bizarre action of the series. The game utilizes the gyrometer and microphone in creative ways. It’s also surprisingly full fledged for a free game.  You’ll laugh and cry as you either save or murder endless little blobs from certain doom. 

Punch Out

3) Punch-Out!
    Clone: Super K.O. Boxing 2
    Cost: Free

Third person boxing game? Check. Small white protagonist? Check. Racist stereotypes abound? Triple check. All jokes aside, this is a solid free Punch-Out clone that plays very similarly to the Super Nintendo version. Proper jabs and well timed ducks are the key to success. What it lacks in Doc Louis and Little Mac it more than makes up for with a handful of its own zany characters. After the creative team behind this game finishing collecting as many cliche’s as they find, they got down to the difficult task of naming their characters. The aboriginal chief is named, yup you guessed it, Chief. The African voodoo doctor is named Voo Dude.  They didn’t leave out whitey either with the most redneck obese cowboy you’ve ever had the bad fortune of coming across, named Big Gip. 

God of War

2) God Of War Series
    Clone: Hero of Sparta
    Cost: $.4.99

By this point you’ve probably realized that the team at Gameloft is heavily inspired by console games.  To be fair their knock offs are only as shameless as they are polished. For those old enough to remember, the original God Of War on Playstation 2 was one of the greatest action games of all time.  It combined rock solid controls with a haunting protagonist. Not to mention all the greek mythology you could cram into a kindergarten class. 

Hero of Sparta does its best to imitate Cratos’ adventure, and in some way succeeds. The larger than life sets are actually pretty impressive on Android hardware, and the violence and blood translate beautifully to the mobile screen. It unfortunately controls more like a Diablo clone than it does GoW.  Oh and the restrictions of making a game for mobile platforms also censored all the tasteless nudity players had come to expect from the console counterpart.

Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7
Clone: Eternal Legacy
Cost: $4.99

Yet another polished Gameloft clone of a beloved game.  It’s strangely difficult to hate a company that creates such fantastically produced uninspired clones. While most of their games have people going “oh yeah they totally copied that from such and such”, Eternal Legacy may flat out make you think you bought Final Fantasy VII. Inspired by one of the greatest RPG’s in history, Eternal Legacy follows the adventures of Cloud…..I mean Astrian’s quest to collect Materia…. I mean Varsh. 

Basically just like the original game, you have a slender blonde protagonist with a sword the size of his body. It even shares the same shocking twist of the original, but we’ll spare you the spoiler warning if you were born after 1997.

Again like most Gameloft products, it’s a solid unoriginal knockoff of a beloved game. 

The clones continue to invade next week when we explore imitators of Grand Theft Auto, GT, and Mario Golf!

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