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There’s a bunch of new features now added to this site that I’ve been hard at work on. All of them revolve around giving this site a more community feel to it as well as social network integration (although that’s still in the works on certain levels). There’s a whole bunch to list and a short description for each feature.

– All Users now have profiles they can edit and customize.

– All users have galleries now when they can display pictures, show favorite pictures or tagged images. You can also leave comments for other users images and rate them. Flickr support will be coming soon hopefully so you’ll be able to display your Flickr account in your profile.

– Google Calendar integration. Everyone can now use and display their Google Calendar if you have one or keep it private.

– You can share videos now. Uploaded a new video to YouTube? Just submit the link and it’ll show in your profile under the videos tab.

– Got a personal blog or any sort of blog you run? You can now feed posts from your blog right into your profile by adding your blog’s post feed.

– You can also add yours or your favorite rss feed’s addresses into the My feeds tab to display them in your profile.

– Karma, rate other users and their profiles!

– Connections – Personal friends list

– Mutual Friends list

– Twitter integration, you can display your tweets in your profile. (very beta stage right now, please report any bugs)

There’s more on the way as well. I’m looking into more social linking where you can display icons for your social accounts such as facebook etc etc for other people to join. Also looking into a ‘wall’ like feature like facebook as well where you can leave comments on other users profiles and vise versa, almost like a comment system but on a per profile basis so replies are in a tree format just like comments are under each article. I’m also working on a few more features as well so there is a lot coming in the very near future.

All user accounts have been upgraded with all these features already, all you have to do is login and you’ll see ‘Edit Profile’ and ‘Profile’ as options on the left side of the site. I’m still meshing out some layout issues and bug hunting so if you find anything, please let me know, otherwise enjoy and make yourself at home!

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