New Tower, Holy Shield, Jewel Crafting, and More in MU Origin 2 2.1 Update

Webzen’s MU Origin is rarely out of the news. A few months ago the headlines were all about the new MU Origin merchandise store, which sells figurines and the like. Now we’re back to the game.

Specifically, the latest update. Webzen has just announced that MU Origin 2 2.1 is due to hit the shelves next week, bringing with it a host of new features.

First up, there’s Holy Shield. Once you’ve reached level 320 and completed the Swamp of Death quest, you’ll be able to use the Holy Shield in PvP combat. It absorbs damage for you, but indefinitely (up to a certain amount). Once your Holy Shield power bar runs down, you lose it until it recharges. 

Your Holy Shield can be enhanced with Holy Essence and Holy Beads. 

Once you smash through level 320 and complete the Swamp of Death quest you may well be too distracted by your new Holy Shield to notice that you’ve also got access to the Divine Tower. 

This is basically another endless (Infinite) Tower. You fight your way through it, level by level, earning XP and loot. The original Endless (Infinite) Tower has got new floors as well.

Accessory to murder

Earlier in your campaign, when you reach level 260, you’ll get the Accessory feature, which gives you accessories via Accessory Draws. You can increase your number of Accessory slots by spending Zen.

There’s a new Jewel Craft feature, too, which you unlock at level 300. This enhances jewels at grade 6 or above. Once you’ve completed the Secret quest you’ll be able to refine jewels using Refining Gems. 

Finally, and on a quainter note, there’s a new Flower Gift feature. After level 210, and the quest called Scream, you’ll gain extra charm points whenever you receive flowers, and you get rewards based on your charm rating. 

This is updated regularly and resets every Sunday, so you’ve also got another chance to be charming and win everyone round. Unlike in real life.

To check out these new features and more, download MU Origin for free right now on Google Play and the App Store.  

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