New tunnel racing game, Data Tunnel, speeds onto Android

Fans of tunnel racing games haven’t had a lot of new titles lately it seems when looking through available games in this genre. However there is one new tunnel racing game available called Data Tunnel by Jason Geyer to fill in the gap.

With a technology hacker type of theme to it, Data Tunnel has you racing through stages, dodging barriers in order to get through to the other side of the data tunnel you are currently racing in. The barriers are not the only thing trying to stop you from beating the clock and reaching the end of each data tunnel. There are Alarm nodes, AIs and plenty of other things in the way bent on stopping you from reaching the end in time.

Luckily there are also power-ups like the green orbs which, when collected, help refill your boost meter which obviously makes you go faster. In fact using the boost is pretty much mandatory half the time in order to make it out safely. The steering controls are accelerometer based while using boost simply requires touching the screen. The game starts off relatively easy but as you progress through the levels it certain does get more challenging having to dodge so much stuff while trying to go as fast as possible.

If you happen to be looking for a new tunnel racing game to try out, you might want to consider this one. Data Tunnel comes in two flavors, a free demo to try out and a full version you can buy for $1.99. If there was something that could be improved upon with this game, it would be to make the default cruising speed a bit faster but otherwise it is a solid addition to the tunnel racing genre.

Developer Website: Jason Geyer

Android Market Link: Data Tunnel

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