Niantic Announces First Ever Isolation-Friendly Pokemon GO Incense Day

Pokémon GO Android

Niantic has announced the first ever Incense Day, along with other isolation-friendly game features. 

The Incense Day event, which will take place on Sunday the 19th of April between 11:00 and 17:00, will involve certain Pokemon being more than usually attracted to Incense, so that players don’t have to venture outside to catch them. 

The day will be carved up into hour-long chunks, with different Pokemon being susceptible at different times. The Sentret will be available throughout the day, however.

Niantic is making more changes beyond this event, such as giving players remote access to Raid Battles, and potentially allowing them to complete raids together even when they’re not physically together. 

You can grab Pokemon GO for free on Google Play. 

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