NieR Reincarnation English Localization Is “Complete”, Global Pre-Registration Imminent

NieR Reincarnation director Daichi Matsukawa has taken to Twitter to announce that the English localization of NieR Reincarnation is complete. Its developers are making final adjustments before putting the game up for global pre-registration.

He also apologizes twice, despite having done nothing wrong as far as we can tell. What a class act.

In case you haven’t been following it, NieR Reincarnation is an ambitious RPG set in the popular NieR universe. It sees you playing as a young girl accompanied by a ghost-like floating buddy called Mama.

As you progress through the campaign in NieR Automata you’ll unlock memories of the girl’s past. You’ll also avoid an armored creature called the Dark Monster, because if you don’t avoid it you’ll die.

The battles are simple and turn-based, and the shooting parts are apparently modelled after the hacking sections in NieR Automata.

NieR Automata will be out later this year. It looks like the pre-registration campaign will begin imminently, too. We’ll let you know when it starts.

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