Play As Makima In The Upcoming Nikke X Chainsaw Man Collab

feature image for our nikke chainsaw man collab news article, the image features a screenshot of power from the chainsaw man anime, as well as promo art of some characters from the game nikke

A new Nikke collab is on the way – Nikke x Chainsaw Man! Fans of both franchises are ecstatic to know that their favorite anime/manga series is appearing in the viral gacha game. While we don’t know further details about the collab at this current time, we do have some extra information regarding who to expect in the event.

Who to Expect in the Collab

From the looks of it, the characters Makima and Power are in the collab, but some players are speculating about an appearance from Himeno and Kobeni. Personally, we doubt that Kobeni and Himeno are part of the collab, especially since Power and Makima themselves are incredibly well-known characters.

This isn’t the first time that Chainsaw Man has made an appearance in a gacha game, with Bloodline: Last Royal Vampire adding a Chainsaw Man collab back in December 2022.

What is Nikke?

Nikke is certainly an interesting installment in the gacha genre, but despite its risque style, it’s proven pretty popular amongst fans. Enjoy a surprisingly immersive storyline as you delve into this sci-fi shooter with RPG elements. 

Collect a range of characters and upgrade them as you progress through the game. Even the combat is engaging, with a unique spin on gacha gameplay. For more information about the game, visit the game’s official website or download the game from Google Play now!

Chainsaw Man? What’s That?

If you’re unfamiliar with Chainsaw Man, you’re missing out! The series follows Denji, a young man who’s had a pretty tough life. He meets a devil dog named Pochita, an adorable creature with a chainsaw on his head.

After a serious incident that leads to Pochita becoming part of Denji’s heart, Denji becomes Chainsaw Man. Chaos ensues and Denji soon finds himself amongst his fellow devil hunters in Public Safety. Curious about the series? Visit the official website.

We’re keeping an eye out for any new announcements regarding the Nikke x Chainsaw Man collab, so make sure to bookmark our news page to stay up to date!

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