Nimblebit is looking for tester for their upcoming massive update for Tiny Tower

Nimblebit’s cool little pixel art filled game Tiny Tower will be turning 5yrs old and to celebrate that milestone, the developers have been working on a massive update for the game. In order to be sure that all is working properly with this update, Nimblebit is starting to look for testers who want to give the update a whirl and make sure everything is functioning properly.

For those of you not familiar with this game, Tiny Tower has players building and managing their own highrise tower. This includes everything from the folks visiting your tower and making sure you have plenty of services available for them to enjoy, to making sure your tenants are a success and making money. As you grow, so does your tower and any problems that may come with that.

The game itself hasn’t been updated in a fair amount of time, but that is about to change with a whole lot of new content such as:

– 40 new roofs
– 32 new floors
– 24 new lobbies
– 10 new elevators
– 288 new missions
– 604 new BitBook posts
– 34 new costumes to unlock
– You can now rename your bitizens
– You can now trade bitizens with friends
– New QuickStock feature makes managing your tower even easier

Right now the update it currently being tested on iOS devices, but Android devices should be getting into the mix as well in the near future. When that happens, we will post an update on how you can sign-up to hopefully get into the update testing group.

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