Day: April 18, 2016

Game News

Nimblebit is looking for tester for their upcoming massive update for Tiny Tower

Nimblebit’s cool little pixel art filled game Tiny Tower will be turning 5yrs old and to celebrate that milestone, the developers have been working on a massive update for the game. In order to be sure that all is working properly with this update, Nimblebit is starting to look for testers who want to give the update a whirl and make sure everything is functioning properly.

Game News

Hackers is an upcoming multiplayer game where anyone has a chance to be the best hacker in the world

Trickster Arts has announced their next release for Android called Hackers. This particular game takes place in an alternate reality where software that was designed to make hacking into systems a lot easier to accomplish, with this software also getting released to the public on a grand scale, making it easily accessible to anyone wanting to use it.

Game News 2

[Update: Game Released] A full-fledged Harvest Moon game will be arriving for Android soon

Fans of the Harvest Moon franchise have a lot to look forward to with the announcement today of a full Harvest Moon game heading to Android soon. The full name for this game is Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories and will be the first mainline full Harvest Moon game to land on mobile devices. The franchise itself has been around since the mid-1990s and has built up quite the fan base since the original game’s release.

Game News

Gameloft Is No Longer Producing Premium Titles

As the number of publishers turning to the free-to-play revenue model continued to proliferate across the mobile space, French developer, Gameloft, remained the last bastion of premium priced experiences void of in-app-purchases. Gamers that sought refuge from the oft maligned “freemium” approach to content found that Gameloft offered a library of titles that were sold as complete games for one price; the revenue model most familiar to those who play games on dedicated gaming devices, and a model that many veteran gamers still expect on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.