Day: 18 April 2016

News 2

[Update: Game Released] A full-fledged Harvest Moon game will be arriving for Android soon

Fans of the Harvest Moon franchise have a lot to look forward to with the announcement today of a full Harvest Moon game heading to Android soon. The full name for this game is Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories and will be the first mainline full Harvest Moon game to land on mobile devices. The franchise itself has been around since the mid-1990s and has built up quite the fan base since the original game’s release.


Gameloft Is No Longer Producing Premium Titles

As the number of publishers turning to the free-to-play revenue model continued to proliferate across the mobile space, French developer, Gameloft, remained the last bastion of premium priced experiences void of in-app-purchases. Gamers that sought refuge from the oft maligned “freemium” approach to content found that Gameloft offered a library of titles that were sold as complete games for one price; the revenue model most familiar to those who play games on dedicated gaming devices, and a model that many veteran gamers still expect on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.