Elvin: The Water Sphere is Crescent Moon’s latest game and is now available for download

Oh Crescent Moon Games… thy pixels do we appreciate! Hot on the heels of last week’s puzzle game Jewel Road, is another pixel-based entry for the studio. Elvin: The Water Sphere is a delightful looking platformer that will be arriving in the Play Store this week. It looks fantastic, and April 21st is the day it should arrive.

 I’ve made mention before about the recent choice for a lot of games to go retro in some shape or form. Since I grew up playing games with those graphics back in the early 80’s, they typically aren’t my first choice of games to play. However, with what Nitrome and Crescent Moon Games have been producing lately, that has changed. I welcome the pixel-based art direction, as long as it is well done. Crescent Moon Games has proven they have the ability to mix the past with the present with great art and engaging gameplay.

Elvin: The Water Sphere looks like it is going to be fun to play. As a huge fan of platforming games, I couldn’t be more pleased to see this one arrive this week. In this particular game, players will be taking control of Elvin, who has set up on a quest to recover the Water Sphere before its power runs out. The Water Sphere was stolen by Elfrod, who is a mischievous goblin that can travel through dreams, has tricked Elvin into running through worlds, that are forbidden by Forest Elves to enter, in order to obtain droplets of water left behind by the Water Sphere.

Elvin: The Water Sphere Features:

– Retro charm. Easy to play, Hard to Beat
– 10 Fantastic pixel worlds to explore
– Awesome characters – great friends and scary enemies
– Ride on a flying cow or cruise the ocean on a penguin’s back
– Constant action! A combination of runner and platformer with unique elements
– Quick pick up and play – play it anywhere, anytime

Of course Elvin doesn’t have much choice in the matter if he plans to actually recover the Water Sphere. The controls in this games are straightforward, with players needing to avoid various hazards and enemies as they run through each environment, collecting the droplets along the way. Definitely a game that can be used to kill some time with, whether it be a couple of minutes or playing an hour straight through.

For those of you wanting to check this game out, Elvin: The Water Sphere can be downloaded off of Google Play for free with optional IAPs being available as well.

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