Counter-Strike 1.6 can now be played on your Android device, multiplayer and all

We have made a few Counter-Strike style of games making their way onto mobile over the past year and a half, and while there games ended up pretty good, they were not the actual games from the Counter-Strike franchise. However, that has all changed as one man has managed to port the 1.6 version of the game over, multiplayer and all, to Android.

Counter-Strike 1.6 was the main version of the game for awhile before Source came out, which was eventually replaced by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Personally, I have many fond memories of playing Counter-Striker from 1.5 all the way up to CS:GO, so to see Counter-Strike 1.6 running on Android, and running well at that, is pretty awesome. This port is Counter-Strike 1.6 but with reworked controls so players can use touchscreen controls.

Obviously, in a twitch-style of FPS game, touchscreen controls are not exactly the most ideal setup to have. Since this is running on Android, there’s no real reason why you can’t sync up and button map a controller to this game. Everyone can thank one man for all of this, Alibek Omarov. This is the actual game running natively on Android. Not a recreation or a stream of the game onto your device.

Want to give this a go yourself? You do need a Steam account that has Counter-Strike 1.6 available. If you have that, which is needed for some of the files that are required for install, then you just need to download the game’s APK file, follow the steps below to install it, and you’re good to go. You can play online using Counter-Strike 1.6 servers as well.

1) Download and install the APK. Depending on the device you are using, you will need to install the APK using omp postfix if you have multi-core device. If you have a single-core Android device, or you’re having problems with omp version, you’ll need to use noomp to install it.

2) Install the latest Xash3D Android ( Download here from GitHub )

3) Copy cstrike and valve folders from your Steam CS1.6 installation to the xash folder on your SDCard

4) Run CS16Client and have fun!

Important Note: Delete any PAK files with name starting with “touch” or “vgui” in cstrike folder.

You can check out Counter-Strike 1.6 running on an Android device with the video below to see some of the gameplay in action. Perhaps we will set up our own 1.6 server for the DroidGamers community. What do you think?

Official Website: Counter-Strike 1.6 for Android (GitHub)

Website Referenced: Kotaku

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