Hackers is an upcoming multiplayer game where anyone has a chance to be the best hacker in the world

Trickster Arts has announced their next release for Android called Hackers. This particular game takes place in an alternate reality where software that was designed to make hacking into systems a lot easier to accomplish, with this software also getting released to the public on a grand scale, making it easily accessible to anyone wanting to use it.

What this means is that anyone could become one of the best hackers in the world with enough practice using this software and your mobile device. However, this also means that competition for that title is a lot more fierce, with people going after one another. This, in turn, created what is now known as the First World Cyberwar. Players will need to where you build their own 3D network while trying to hack the networks of other players online.

Hackers Features:

– Unique graph-based visual hacking game mechanics
– Brute force and stealth ways of hacking
– Building and refining of 3D network architecture
– Hackers fight for their countries in a world war

Unlike what one would think hacking consists of, such as command line usage or programming your own software and running your own source code, in this alternate reality the software is all graphical. Basically the software has a GUI (graphical user interface) to make things easier for hopeful world greats to try and hack other people. It being so easy is half the reason why the First World Cyberwar started.

Hackers will be launching onto iOS and Android soon and just entered into a Closed beta testing phase today. When it does launch, it will be free to download and play with optional IAPs available. There’s no official release date yet for the full launch, as it depends on how the closed beta goes. Interested gamers can sign up to try and get into the closed beta over on the game’s official site.

Official Website: Hackers (Closed Beta Sign-ups)

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