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[UPDATE: Game Released] Hackers is an upcoming multiplayer game where anyone has a chance to be the best hacker in the world

Trickster Arts has announced their next release for Android called Hackers. This particular game takes place in an alternate reality where software that was designed to make hacking into systems a lot easier to accomplish, with this software also getting released to the public on a grand scale, making it easily accessible to anyone wanting to use it.


Hero of Many Review – An abstract, beautiful and captivating underwater atmospheric adventure game

When I first saw the trailer for Hero of Many about a month ago, a debut game from Czech-based Trickster Arts, I knew it was going to be a special game. The art style and soundtrack seemed to gel really well, and the gameplay seemed intriguing to say the least. Now, fast forward a month, I’ve completed the game and I must say it has been a delightful experience playing this.