Nimblebit’s next games looks to bring some crazy Sin City action to Android with Tiny Tower Vegas

Las Vegas is something a few of us here at DroidGamers know quite well. That is because we are based out of Sin City. So when we hear about a game that will be themed around it and that it will be coming from the fine folks over at Nimblebit, our curiosity definitely flares up. Apparently this new game from Nimblebit, called Tiny Tower Vegas, will be heading to mobile at some point in the near future.

As to what exactly Tiny Tower Vegas will come with in terms of content and gameplay, not a whole lot of details have been announced. However Ian Marsh from Nimblebithas been tweeting out a couple of screenshots of this game and as one would expect from the Nimblebit crew, the company has put their own flare on the whole Sin City thing, pixel art and all.

This could be a deadly combination of themes meshed into one title, killing the free time of many people once it is released. We will have gambling, pixel art, Bitizens and the housing style of gameplay found in previous Nimblebit titles. If this is true, you’ll be building up a tower once again but in the style of Las Vegas, complete with slot machines, video poker and other addictive gambling games. Of course this won’t be for real money.

No word on when this will actually be released though and hopefully Nimblebit will release some more detail about the actual gameplay soon.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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