Day: May 2, 2014

Game News

Nimblebit’s next games looks to bring some crazy Sin City action to Android with Tiny Tower Vegas

Las Vegas is something a few of us here at DroidGamers know quite well. That is because we are based out of Sin City. So when we hear about a game that will be themed around it and that it will be coming from the fine folks over at Nimblebit, our curiosity definitely flares up. Apparently this new game from Nimblebit, called Tiny Tower Vegas, will be heading to mobile at some point in the near future.

Game News

Bridge Constructor Medieval puts the fate of people crossing bridges into your hands

Headup Games is the company responsible for the original Bridge Constructor game that was released some time ago onto Android and has done pretty well for itself. There is something strangely enjoyable about building bridges and being successful at it. While the first game was set in modern times, Headup Games has released a new bridge building game called Bridge Constructor Medieval.

Game News

More details released about Activision’s upcoming mobile exclusive Tony Hawk game

Back in February we talked about Activision and their announcement of a new Tony Hawk skateboarding game that would be made available only to mobile gamers. At the time of the announcement, there were not a whole lot of details released about this new game including any sort of official name for it. Well now we know what they name will be as well as some additional details.