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Nintendo Details Two Different Subscriptions For Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Launching Today

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Android

Nintendo has detailed not one but two upcoming subscription services for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp that will launch today.

The first of these is the Cookie and Depot Plan, which provides you with five fortune cookies per month and gives you more storage space.

The Two Subscriptions Provide Cookies and an AI Assistant Respectively in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The second, the Happy Helper Plan, provides you with an AI assistant who will perform many of the chores in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for you, including collecting event items and fulfilling requests.

You’ll also get 60 Leaf Tickets for month with Happy Helper. Cookie and Depot costs $7.99 while Happy Helper is $2.99.

You can grab Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp right now from Google Play, with both plans launching at some point today.

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