Nitrome will soon be publishing other developer’s game, also teases their upcoming title Rust Bucket

Nitrome, developer of numerous pixel art filled games on mobile devices, will soon be getting into the publishing game. Announced a few days ago on their blog, Nitrome will soon be publishing select games from other developers under their brand. The first one to fall into Nitrome’s publishing arm is a game called Ultimate Briefcase by Quite Fresh. On top of this new, Nitrome has begun teasing one of their own new games that will be heading our way soon called Rust Bucket.

Ultimate Briefcase by Quite Fresh

Quite Fresh is a new game development studio founded by an ex-Nitrome developer Stefan Ã…hlin, who worked on Nitrome’s web-based titles in the past. Now he is back making games but of a mobile nature and his studio’s first release is called Ultimate Briefcase. Keeping true the pixel art theme that Nitrome has with their game releases, Ultimate Briefcase also features pixel art to enjoy.

In this game players will be controlling our little hero who had been caught in an onslaught of bombs falling from the sky. The goal is to survive as long as possible, with nothing but your briefcase to protect you. Along the way you will be able to collect currency which you can then use to level up your briefcase, unlock new characters and level up their special items as well. The further you progress, the more areas become unlocked also, each with their own unique style to learn.

Unfortunately there is no exact release date for Ultimate Briefcase, only that it will be available soon on Android.

Rust Bucket by Nitrome

On the flip side of things, Nitrome has begun teasing their own new game that is heading our way soon called Rust Bucket. While there isn’t a whole lot of details about this game right now, we do know that it is a turn-based roguelike game. From what we can tell in the animated preview below, you will be playing as a mighty rust bucket warrior who will have to kill monsters and find loot.

Certain items in the environment appear to be destructible as well. In fact, the game itself has a sort of Zelda: Link to the Past feel to it. Whatever the case may be, we will be keeping an eye out for additional details for Rust Bucket and will post an update once we get them.

If you are a developer interested in trying to get Nitrome to publish your indie game, you can check out the preview post for Ultimate Briefcase over on their site for details on how to get in touch with them and submit your game.

Website Referenced: Nitrome’s Blog | Nitrome Twitter

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