NRG Energy releases the rather beautiful puzzle game The Path to Luma

Phosphor Games seems to have teamed up with NRG Energy for a game called The Path To Luma which was just released onto Android the other day. We don’t get to use the word beautiful too often with mobile games unfortunately, but visually, The Path To Luma is a beautiful game.

In this game players will control their character (named SAM) who is going from planet to planet, cleaning it up of any sort of pollution while providing it with energy to sustain itself with once it is clean. Each planet can be rotated 360 degrees around, so you will need to rotate each planet, and move various objects, in order to get your character to where he need to be to clean up the pollution. Tapping moves your character, while swipe gestures move objects on the planet’s surface. Your Solar Spear is sort of like your Swiss Army Knife of tools as well.

Each world is interactive on different levels as well. Sometimes you will need to provide solar energy to the residents, using the Solar Staff to collect the Sun’s rays. However, if your Solar Staff isn’t in direct sunlight, you can rotate the planet until it is. At that point those residents will get clean energy and the pollution will go away. Once all of the residents on a planet have been given clean energy, you are good to go onto the next one.

In total there are 20 worlds to explore, each one you will need to complete fully before moving onto the next. For those of you interested in this game, The Path To Luma is available off of Google Play for free. You can also check out the game in action via the trailer below.

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