Nvidia pushes out update 2.2.1 for Shield Tablets to fix a couple of issues

Early this month Nvidia pushed out an OTA update bringing version 2.2 to Shield Tablets. While the update was a good one, a few minor bugs popped up from it, one of which our reader Michel Mohr pointed out had to do with a display bug where reds were being displayed as oranges instead.

Apparently Nvidia was aware of this bug shortly after the release of 2.2 and have now pushed out version 2.2.1 which brings a hotfix for the display bug that appeared in the previous version. Nvidia has this labeled as “Display color-space correction” in the changelog.

The other ‘fix’ is actually more of an improvement. The company doesn’t go into too much detail but essentially it improves the general experience users have with Netflix. Now movies are just a bit better.

This update is now available and if you don’t have the notification to download and install it yet, you can always check to see if it has pushed to your area yet by going into your Settings -> About Tablet -> System Updates to see if anything shows up.

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