Nvidia releases another video showing off extra features of the Shield

While Nvidia’s handheld gaming system called Shield is an Android-powered device, it is geared towards gaming both with Android games as well as PC games. However the device, which runs Android 4.2, can be used as a normal Android device as well for pretty much everything else as well.

Of course most people already know this but perhaps some people don’t realize that it isn’t just for gaming, although that is the main point of it. So Nvidia has released a video showing off what else can be done with the Shield and some of it is rather cool, like using the right joystick to control a cursor when browsing the web or a program. Check out the video if you have a few minutes to see Nvidia’s Shield being used for something other than gaming.

Yes, the video does seem like a commercial again like the last one did as well.

Website Referenced: YouTube

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