Nvidia has resumed the Marshmallow update for their original Shield tablets

We just touched on this subject in our earlier article today about Nvidia’s Shield Android TV having its Marshmallow update starting to roll out as of this morning. In that article we mentioned that original Shield tablet owners had been waiting for Nvidia to re-release the Marshmallow update for that device which was pulled due to a pretty nasty bug.

The bug actually would break your Wi-Fi, in that you wouldn’t have internet access once the update was installed and you turned on Wi-Fi. Clearly, this isn’t something anyone wants. So Nvidia pulled the update shortly after it began rolling out. They also didn’t mention when it would become available once again, other than ‘soon’ of course.

Original announcement of the Marshmallow update being pulled

Well it appears that as of last week the Marshmallow update for the original Shield tablets have started rolling out once again. If you don’t have it installed yet, because you were waiting to make sure that this was a good update, you can now grab it and install it to give your tablet some Marshmallowy goodness.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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